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Since it impacts the amount of water cannabis plants absorb, good humidity allows for better control over your cannabis plants’ nutrient intake. However, humidity must vary according to their life cycle to contribute to their growth.

For optimal health, humidity will vary from to 70% RH to 30% RH during cannabis plant growth. If humidity levels are inadequate, the plantation might be at risk of bud rot, disease, stunted growth, mineral deficiencies, edema and more. Adequate humidity levels will greatly contribute to plant health and product quality, which is of utmost importance to break into this budding industry.

Humidity levels are also concerned for the drying process after harvesting the plants, requiring 50% RH to prevent decreased product quality and loss.

Neptronic’s precise and reliable humidifier line will allow for thorough monitoring and regulation of relative humidity accompanied by our wide range of sensors and controllers.

Benefits of right humidification:

  • Increases cannabis growth
    speed and health
  • Reduces risks of sickness
    and rot
  • Prevents of over-watering
  • Improves quality of
    dried leaves

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